“As I work to strip away the lies, I see why it was I needed each of them. Or maybe as I outgrow the need for each lie, it becomes … Continue reading

ORDER BOOK “We know how dark are powers kept in darkness (a broken lock, a stopped clock, masks, and lies.) When we wake that unexampled day, will we believe ourselves … Continue reading

ORDER BOOK ” ‘It all depends how deep your brothers are buried,’ my father said. “ The headlines that followed the publication of this unflinching memoir provide stunning testimony of … Continue reading

ORDER BOOK “Love’s language is hyperbole, but whispered, sibilant similes and promises sotto voce. It’s easy to imagine you’ve misheard…” “An extraordinary book. Hoffman knows poetic forms, and he handles … Continue reading

ORDER BOOK “Though he already knew he would not sleep, he turned out the light. But tonight the dark was not friendly, and he lay in a box of black, … Continue reading

Selected for the Barrow Street Press Poetry Prize Winner of The New England Poetry Club’s Sheila Motton Book Award for best book of the previous two years. ORDER BOOK “It … Continue reading

ORDER BOOK “Spare us from men who believe in another world. Save us from men who only believe in this world.” The poems in Richard Hoffman’s Without Paradise have been appearing with … Continue reading