Posted by momodish on November 2, 2017

ORDER BOOK “We know how dark are powers kept in darkness (a broken lock, a stopped clock, masks, and lies.) When we wake that unexampled day, will we believe ourselves free or broken?” This powerful collection of poems by Richard Hoffman encompasses over a half century of living, from his childhood to his grandson’s childhood, from his […]

Posted by momodish on August 9, 2017

ORDER BOOK “Love’s language is hyperbole, but whispered, sibilant similes and promises sotto voce. It’s easy to imagine you’ve misheard…” “An extraordinary book. Hoffman knows poetic forms, and he handles them deftly. His poems move beyond form to inhabit the places where our human selves reside, the country of the heart, the city of the […]

Posted by momodish on June 9, 2017

Selected for the Barrow Street Press Poetry Prize Winner of The New England Poetry Club’s Sheila Motton Book Award for best book of the previous two years. ORDER BOOK “It is not that he cannot find things to applaud but that he can no longer do it in the usual way and has had to […]

Posted by momodish on May 9, 2017

ORDER BOOK “Spare us from men who believe in another world. Save us from men who only believe in this world.” The poems in Richard Hoffman’s Without Paradise have been appearing with regularity in literary magazines and anthologies for years. In this long-awaited volume, Hoffman brings his signature blend of toughness and lyricism to bear on contemporary […]