A RANT, a prompted piece of prose

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ON A SIGN IN THE STAIRWELL OF THE UNDERGROUND GARAGE Report Suspicious Behavior What is happening? Who is doing it? Where are they doing it? When did you notice it? Why is it suspicious? Recently the stock market broke 34,000 for the first time in history. The Standard & Poor’s Index, the simplest measure we […]

Remembering the Alchemists

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My essay, Remembering the Alchemists, has received a Pushcart Prize. My gratification at the prize was dampened by the fact that when it was announced my friend the poet Mosab Abu Toha and his wife and 3 young children were hiding in the crawl space under their home in Gaza while F-16s made in the U.S.A. […]

“Geographies of Justice”

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I am so proud to have work in this remarkable issue of About Place Journal, a publication of The Black Earth Institute, a progressive think-tank devoted to the intersection of social justice, environmentalism, and spirituality. This issue, “Geographies of Justice” is edited by Alexis Lathem, along with Charles Coe and Richard Cambridge. In her Editor’s […]

This Saturday evening, join me and four other remarkable writers and activists.

Richard Cambridge’s Poet’s Theater will present four writers whose work appears in the new issue of About Place, “Geographies of Justice.” About Place is the twice yearly journal of The Black Earth Institute, a progressive think-tank. REGISTER AND GET YOUR TICKET HERE to what will be a fabulous evening, including an open-ended discussion with all […]

Three paintings

Yesterday, I procrastinated three paintings worth. I woke in the morning, made a list of the things I had to do, then decided I’d rather paint. The list remains intact.

Remembering the Alchemists

Here is my most recent essay, from the current issue of Consequence: An International Literary Magazine Focusing on the Culture and Consequences of War.

Sacramento Poetry Center

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A wonderful reading this evening with Charles Coe at the Sacramento Poetry Center, hosted by Indigo Moore.

Two Readings

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I was asked to read THESE TWO POEMS from Liberation – New Works on Freedom from Internationally Renowned Poets for the Terezin Music Foundation.

In honor of America: 1776 – 2020

AN ABECEDARIUM OF COWARDICE — for the Republican senators of the 116th Congress of The United States A is for Acquiesce: In each instance, you chose to call your willingness to give in to a tyrant’s wishes a tactical retreat, even though you had no further tactics in mind. B is for Back down. You […]