A new trailer for Remembering the Alchemists & other essays

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Remembering the Alchemists and other essays

Advance copies are now available to reviewers and instructors. If you would like a review copy or desk copy, please request one HERE.

Rushdie’s rejoinder to book burning…

(This is from NYRB archives) Salman Rushdie wrote the following in January after a public burning of copies of The Satanic Verses took place in Bradford, West Yorkshire, which has a Muslim population of 50,000. The burning was carried out by a group of Muslims led by the city’s senior imam, or religious leader. The book was […]

A poem for Veterans’ Day

SUITE: IN LIEU OF A LEGACY I lived in one of the great cities along a river spanned by beautiful bridges. Trains ran overhead and underground. Bells rang as if we were still in the old world, trolleys passed, shopkeepers swept the sidewalks or cranked down canvas awnings as before the war. Every few moments […]

Writing about Childhood Sexual Abuse

Posted by rhoff1949 on July 27, 2021 in Featured

I am posting this here as a kind of satellite in orbit around the discussion of Trigger Warnings and Content Advisories over on the Voices of Poetry Facebook page. It’s my contribution to a panel put together by Nikole Brown and including also Laure-Anne Bosselaar, Dorianne Laux, and Kamilah Aisha Moon. The discussion on the […]