Remembering the Alchemists

Here is my most recent essay, from the current issue of Consequence: An International Literary Magazine Focusing on the Culture and Consequences of War.

Sacramento Poetry Center

Posted by rhoff1949 on June 22, 2020 in Featured

A wonderful reading this evening with Charles Coe at the Sacramento Poetry Center, hosted by Indigo Moore.

Two Readings

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I was asked to read THESE TWO POEMS from Liberation – New Works on Freedom from Internationally Renowned Poets for the Terezin Music Foundation.

In honor of America: 1776 – 2020

AN ABECEDARIUM OF COWARDICE — for the Republican senators of the 116th Congress of The United States A is for Acquiesce: In each instance, you chose to call your willingness to give in to a tyrant’s wishes a tactical retreat, even though you had no further tactics in mind. B is for Back down. You […]

A Fable

I’ve made a few minor edits on this one, posted a while back, and thought it apt:   THE END OF TIME: A SHORT PLAY Scene 1: (Idyllic setting: a family is picnicking on the grass.) ENTER Chicken Little (running): The sky is falling! The sky is falling! (Confusion. Alarm.) EXEUNT ALL   Scene 2: […]

Jamming with great novelists, Chapter 1

Great time last night playing music with friend and colleague Steve Yarbrough. Here’s our cover of “Blue Car” by Greg Brown.