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Richard Hoffman, author of the acclaimed memoir Half the House and of two prize-winning collections of poetry, gives us a powerful first collection of stories. Its title novella tells the story of a child in a blue-collar family who is victimized by a serial predator. The other stories, raw and intimate, explore the difficult struggles to come of age and to live as a man in these times.


“The stories in Interference are moving, wise, and bracingly unsentimental. Richard Hoffman writes about male sadness and vulnerability with unusual insight and tough-minded compassion.”  —Tom Perrotta

“These stories of ordinary and extraordinary heartbreak investigate centuries-old themes with details that are at once familiar and surprising. Humorous or brutal, transgressive or redemptive, each story is full of wisdom and beauty.” —Kyoko Mori

“These stories are both funny and moving, wise without being pedantic, intelligent without being showy, and experimental without being precious. Richard Hoffman’s vision is wide and deep, and he evokes his characters with an artful grace that is a joy to read. Interference is a triumph!” —Andre Dubus III

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