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Sometimes, as a teacher, I feel like one of those honeybees who come back to the hive and do a little funky dance that tells the rest of the clan where the nectar is.

Lately, I have been browsing the Michigan Quarterly Review’s site where every issue since their first in 1962 has been archived. There’s a whole lot of nectar there. You can read every word of every issue, from Saul Bellow’s essay, “Where Do We Go from Here: The Future of Fiction” in their first issue, to works by Yevtushenko, C. K. Williams, Charles Simic, and Joyce Carol Oates in 1997, or more recent issues, including Winter 2007, with work by Nicholas Delbanco, Charles Baxter, and an interview with Arthur Miller.

Here’s the URL:

This site seems to me to be the model for how a print magazine can best offer itself to readers and researchers, i.e. for free, and in celebration of its own inclusive aesthetic.

Along these lines, Ploughshares has been busy archiving the equally fine work of its past issues at

Not since the episode of The Twilight Zone where Burgess Meredith survives a nuclear blast and has all the books of the world to himself has a reader’s fantasy so emphatically come true! Careful you don’t drop your glasses…

Anyway, that’s the buzz. (Sorry.)

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