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Report Suspicious Behavior

  • What is happening?
  • Who is doing it?
  • Where are they doing it?
  • When did you notice it?
  • Why is it suspicious?

Recently the stock market broke 34,000 for the first time in history. The Standard & Poor’s Index, the simplest measure we have of international wealth, also set a new record. The news also reported that social service agencies are panicked about how to deal with the many additional needy people since cuts to the Women, Infants, and Children Program. So what is happening is the widening of the gap between those who own stock and those who own nothing, between those who require cheap labor and those who must work for their food. Please note: for food, not for food and shelter. People with two jobs still depend on food stamps to feed their kids. What is happening is that the poor are being served notice: we value money made by money, not money made by work. The fact is that you cannot make enough money to live by working. The stock market is booming, Wall Street has come roaring back stronger than ever, and Will Work for Food has become the motto of the once proud American worker.

It’s often said that a lawyer with a briefcase can steal more money than a man with a gun. So, yes, the lawyers, certain among them who look to the law for an opening like a fly exploring a window screen. But also the corporate honchos who consult these lawyers, promising big bucks for holes discovered in the law’s imperfect mesh. And the legislators who do not legislate but vote on bills designed by corporate lawyers to dismantle the regulations, to make holes in the screen by carefully snipping here and there. And the shareholders who sit back and enjoy the shower of riches as if it were a windfall, an accident, or proof of their superior worth. That’s who is responsible. Greedy motherfuckers, sociopaths devoid of empathy, heartless avaricious sons of bitches. That’s who is doing it.

They are doing it on Wall Street in Manhattan, they are doing it in Congress in DC. They are doing it on the internet. They are doing it on TV. They are doing it in space and on the bottom of the sea.

I noticed the headlines this morning, but they told me little about how the world is divvied up, maintained in its caste system, and ruled, that I didn’t know already. The poor are going to prison. Didn’t I already know that? Who is in prison now? The thieves who robbed people of pensions they were promised before they laid down 25 or 30 years of their lives? Nope, none of them. The billionaires who have both legally and illegally hidden their wealth in offshore accounts, leaving the rest of us to front the bill for infrastructure, schools, defense? Nope. None of those subhuman dirtbags either. The poor go to prison: the guy who holds up the BP station to buy groceries for his kids. He goes to prison. Not the BP executive who signed off on sketchy safety reports at Deepwater Horizon. The fisherman who surpasses his allotted catch, not the company executives at the Fukushima nuclear plant who it now turns out knew, knew, that the plant could not withstand an earthquake and tsunami of the magnitude that hit not long ago, endangering millions of people and billions of sea creatures and the livelihoods of all the fishermen within 500 miles for upwards of 500 years. The guy who ran a wire from the electric pole bypassing the utility company’s meter because he didn’t have the money to keep the lights on? Yup, he’s going to prison. He’s already there. We are currently building prisons at a rate twice that of building schools. Take away the food-stamps, give em three hots and a cot. Oh, and a criminal record so they can’t vote and thereby get in the way of all this prosperity.

It is only suspicious because by the time you catch on to what shitbirds like these buzzards are doing, they are already doing far worse.

So that’s my report of suspicious activity. Whom will you be sending to investigate? Yes, certainly. I’ll wait right here. Where the hell else would I go?

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